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A12 in Brandenburg: smuggling truck had 51 refugees in the Laderaum – Berlin

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The federal policemen were shocked when they controlled a truck traveling to Berlin in the night of Saturday at the garbage truck at the A12: 51 people, including 14 women and 17 children, some under six years old, were sitting and standing on the loading area. According to their own data, the Iraqi refugees came from Iraq. According to their own data, they are families from Iraq, a Federal Police spokesman said. They had received medical treatment at the service in Frankfurt (Oder). Except for one person suffering from dehydration, no one had injuries. As the fugitives stated they were hungry and thirsty, they were supplied by police, technical aid and fire-brigade. Drivers were temporarily arrested. The 46-year-old Turkish driver of the truck was arrested and interrogated on suspicion of the sluice-gate. After that, he was to be presented to a prisoner. The refugees were taken into custody and are to be transferred to the headquarters of the country in Eisenh├╝ttenstadt after the interrogation – the adult is charged with unauthorized entry. At least one of them was already registered as a refugee in Romania in early September, they said. Whether the truck came from there and where it wanted, was still unclear.Fall shows unscrupulousness of the smugglersDer fall again show the unscrupulousness of the smugglers, said the federal police spokesman. Although the refugees could not have stifled like the 71 people who were discovered dead in a refrigerated truck near Vienna in August 2015. They were, however, highly endangered on the unsecured loading area on which there were still pallets.


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