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  Darts World Championships in London: Tomas Seyler: "Psycho Games on Stage" – Sports | Bit Updates
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Darts World Championships in London: Tomas Seyler: "Psycho Games on Stage" – Sports

Thursday, December 21st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Mr. Seyler, please tell us: Why are all darts players so thick? (Laughs loudly) That's not true! Many look a bit more extensive, at least in the TV. These are just normal guys, fat, thin, tall, small. Run through your office: Not only Bierhoffs are running around, but people with rough edges. With the darts, only you and your arrow count, everything else – whether sitting in a wheelchair, having only an eye or a leg – is piepegal. Darts is the golf of the little man. Some say, who brings more weight, has a safer stand at the throw. All nonsense! You do not have to be fat, but you do not need an adonis body. The players who compete here at the World Cup can just enjoy life and have a little tummy. While the dart scene has long since become more and more professional, we only think of the running music or the outfits and nicknames of the players. What do you think of Peter "Snakebite" Wright, whose head is always adorned with a tattoo of a snake? Sure, Peter Wright also does something for merchandising, "Snakebite" already has an exceptional position. But ultimately, the nicknames, or rather the fight names, are only for the character of the players, at least originally. For example, there is the "Pieman": this is Andy Smith, who likes to eat English pies. Or the "Muffin Man" Steve Hine, who is a baker by profession. Phil's best known is "The Power" Taylor, with 16 titles record champion. He finishes his career after the World Cup. Can he win again at the age of 57. I would be very happy for him, but honestly: I do not see him in the final, even the semi-finals will be difficult. One has already seen in lap one that he is shaking. His preparation – that's what he says himself – was not optimal, he seems tired of the office. And in the semi-finals or finals you have to deliver over one or two hours. I do not think Taylor will be able to play his game over such distances. "What's in favor of Taylor?" Taylor used to win games because he's Taylor. This is not the case anymore, even the young players fearlessly take on the game against him, the respect is not so great anymore …

But? Taylor is a master of the psyche. He masters the Trashtalk perfectly. He also celebrates other trivialities that bring the opponent out of rhythm. He can open the mental component even before the duel. Like the "Watergate" with Daryl Gurney at a tournament before the World Cup? Usually you give your opponent a glass of water before the game, when you are the first launcher to enter the stage, but Gurney has denied Taylor. And already the psycho-war was opened on stage. Taylor had said in advance that Gurney was good, but not that good. By the way, the game won Taylor. Taylor's technique is almost unique. He can throw two arrows exactly into the eight-millimeter-wide Triple-20 field, so that the third one fits exactly on top of it. With Taylor's departure, does Taylor's fine, very graceful technique have been lost? Taylor has always worked hard on perfectionism in his own style. But the ideal litter does not exist. At the World Cup, 72 players compete, so you have 72 throwing styles. Also there is the individuality. A master on the mic. Tomas Seyler, 43, is three times German Darts Champion. At the World Cup he participated four times and made it … Photo: Sport1

What role does the audience play in London's Alexandra Palace, the so-called "Ally Pally?" It's the most neutral in the world, but also the loudest. If you can meet 3500 atmospheric fans from 2.37 meters over one, two hours in eight-millimeter-wide stripes, really has something on it. In golf, snooker or tennis, the fans cheer only after the action, with us the volume of a jets jet is constantly prevailing. England is considered a mecca of darts – where is Germany? Not only in England, also in the Netherlands, a great darts enthusiasm has been sparked as a result of the van Barneveld era. The two countries produce talent without end, as Germany has of course still lag behind. Currently, the top German players record an average of 85 to 95 points per player, while players like Taylor or the world number one Michael van Gerwen reach a cut of 110 to 115 at a possible 180 points. 1.48 million viewers have the last World Cup final in Germany followed live on TV. Darts is definitely very suitable for television, although we have no Boris Becker or a Steffi Graf in the field of participants from the German point of view.Who wins the World Cup? There are some candidates who can do it. Gurney plays very consistently, I also trust Rob Cross a lot. And then, of course, there's the circle of well-known contestants: Taylor, van Gerwen, Raymond van Barneveld, Gary Anderson, and Peter Wright. And how often do we see the perfect game, the 9-darter, with nine points scoring 501 points? Realistic is only a 9-darter per World Cup – and the raises van Gerwen.


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