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FDP signs interest in Treasury Secretary |

Thursday, September 28th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Berlin (Reuters) – After the announcement of the resignation of Treasury Secretary Wolfgang Schäuble, the FDP is acting on its post in the case of a Jamaican coalition. "It is undisputed that the Ministry of Finance is a very central ministry on equal terms with the Chancellor, "the deputy FDP chairman Katja Suding said on Thursday in ZDF. With the phrase "we want to leave a liberal manuscript, of course, we want to also occupy central positions in order to carry through our positions," she indirectly signaled FDP interest for this office. On the question of a possible governmental alliance from the Union, the FDP and Suding referred, among other things, to the CSU demand for a refugee ceiling as a field of conflict. "I would like to know what the CSU understands under the ceiling," she said, calling for a concrete concept from the Christian Socialists. She also took a stand against the demands made by the Greens. This certainly does not make the health system any better. Suding, on the other hand, appears to be less problematic in the field of education.


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