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NBC report on nuclear weapons: Trump exacerbates attacks on critical media – politics

Thursday, October 12th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

US President Donald Trump has once again sharpened his attacks on critical media about him. He brought a possible withdrawal of broadcasting rights for certain US broadcasters on Wednesday because of the alleged spread of "false news". His new attacks were triggered by a report from NBC News, according to which Trump is expected to have a drastic increase in the US nuclear arsenal. The president denied this vigorously. The "false news" spread by NBC and other networks were "bad for the country," said Trump in short message service Twitter: "At what point is it appropriate to question their license?" asked he. Press freedom is protected by the US Constitution. However, the President may have referred to the broadcasting frequency of the authorities. A few hours later, Trump met his resentment over part of the US media at a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the White House, but without his idea of ​​deprivation of licenses. The press was "extremely dishonest," said Trump. It was "frank, disgusting" that the press was "able to write whatever it wanted." The President complained that disclosure papers were circulated about him that had no sources. The sources cited in these reports do not exist "that they are invented. In his report on Trumps alleged statements to the US nuclear arsenal at a meeting in the summer in the Pentagon, NBC News had called on three non-named participants. According to this sources quoted by the transmitter Trump at the meeting an almost ten-fold increase of the nuclear arsenal required. The President had responded to a picture showing the reduction of the arsenal since the late 1960s. Trump had shown that he wanted a larger nuclear weapon. His advisors would have responded surprisedly to the statement, the report said. They subsequently explained to him that the military position of the US today is greater than it was at the time of the peak of the nuclear rearmament. The US currently has nuclear warheads, aircraft, submarines, and intercontinental aircraft, missiles. According to the Arms Control Association, 180 warheads are stationed in five European countries. In addition, the US has a stock of about 4,000 warheads, which are in reserve, but are partly or not yet activated for military use. In addition, 2,000 warheads are discarded, which in theory could still be used theoretically.

Trump described the report on Twitter as "invented" and "pure fiction". Later, during his meeting with Trudeau, he said that he had never spoken of an increase in the nuclear arsenal. Rather, he demanded that the existing arsenal be in a "perfect state." Trump received support from his defense minister, Jim Mattis, who also denied the report. It was "absolutely wrong" that the president pleaded for more US nuclear weapons, explained the Pentagon's chief. This type of false reporting is "irresponsible," he added. It was unclear whether he was at the meeting in July. A spokeswoman for the Pentagon could not say this. With an increase in their nuclear arsenal, the United States would be violating a whole series of international disarmament treaties. It was said shortly after the then briefing in the Pentagon that foreign minister Rex Tillerson allegedly designated the president as "Deppen". A previous report from NBC News about this alleged outbreak of the chief diplomats already had worried last week. Tillerson appeared shortly after the release of the report before the cameras to deny withdrawal intentions. A spokeswoman for the Foreign Minister denied that Tillerson had said such a thing about Trump. (AFP, dpa)


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