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Obituary to Andreas Schmidt: Viel schnodderige Menschlichkeit

Friday, September 29th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Sometimes one did not know whether one could be angry with his characters. Even the most unsympathetic wannabe macho like the truck driver Ronald in Andreas Dresens "summer before the balcony" or the big losers like the bandleader Gurki in "meat is my vegetables" actor Andreas Schmidt a tenderness, a kindness, perhaps also a dignity, which went deeper. This mixture of sadness and humor, Andreas Schmidt was unique in the German actor's trade. With the proximity was supposed to be also private, say people who saw him more often. "Shame I know well," he once said, openly, to the day's level. As good as one knows, born in 1963 in the Sauerland, but growing up in the Märkischen district as the son of a drinker and called "Spargeltarzan". He was ashamed of himself as a boy: "For my blessings, my nose, my drippiness." As a teenager, he sang great love with the rock band Lillie. He studied German and philosophy. Then the train to the theater. Theater and theater ceremonies, engagements in theaters, from Mannheim to Berlin, own plays. His Kinodebüt had Schmidt in 1987 in "Peng! You're dead! "Director Eoin Moore chose Langen as his favorite actor. The construction worker Alex in "plus-minus-zero", a film about three outsiders fighting for survival on the streets of Berlin, was one of Schmidt's strongest roles. A lot of desolation and at the same time much nimble humanity, as only Andreas Schmidt could bring to the stage and in front of the camera. He was also always seen in "crime scene" and "police" successes, often at the side of Horst Krause. His last cinema work in 2016: the children's film "Timm Thaler or the sold laughter". How does that fit with the children's film. As I said, one could not be angry with his figures. We will miss this striking head. Andreas Schmidt died at the age of 53 years after a long illness on Thursday in Berlin, as his agent announced on Friday. Schmidt leaves behind a woman and a nine-year-old son.


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