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Old coins on the block – the blocks of the living dead

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Can a blockchain really die? Who is behind the blockchain phenomenon? The scary search for old and dead cryptocurrencies. The following entries were found on October 31, 2017 in Channel / x / of 4chan. The original author is unknown. Shortly after the publication of the text, the thread was deleted – with unknown reason. After several years of nightmares and horrors that have been made bearable only by a desperate belief that certain findings in the context of normal human behavior can be explained, I would like Do not admit to the truth of what I probably discovered while searching for dead cryptocurrencies. Why I started this search is unknown. Perhaps it is the morbid search for the decayed, which makes people appreciate not the living, the active and the flourishing, but the dead, decayed. As an Austrian, I am fascinated by the subject of death. Arik Brauer sang in the song Sex of the Fugger (Born for the grave): "We are involved in every hounding and only think of dying". Yes, the people of the Alps have a tendency to morbidity. Maybe that's what moved me to pursue the question: what are the really dead cryptocurrencies, maybe even people at certain times are more receptive to such questions. Many celebrities died in 2016 – is it any wonder that some time later the community around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies raises the question of "dead coins?" In any case, the question of dead coins was discussed. However, it was not dead, but no longer famous crypto currencies called. Currencies that have fallen dramatically in value some time ago and are not as popular as they were a few months ago. But the DGB, BITB or DOGE and other currencies that have suffered a loss in value are not dead. They may be on the fringes , Waiting for her moment to reclaim the part of the cake she thinks she deserves.Ixcoin and I0coin – Dead or Unknown? On Bitcointalk I thought, I found it: In Litecoin's announcement text of October 2011, various cryptocurrencies were released called, which today are no longer a concept to anyone. More than that, some of them were said to be dead. With IxCoin and I0Coin, two coins are called right at the start, which were dead from the point of view of the OP. However, a look at Coinmarketcap shows that the currencies are far, far below are listed, but are still listed. We all know that there are still white spots on the map. Two of them are on the page Looking for two on Google and Coins beyond 100 on Coinmarketcap. Deep in this Terra incognita I found it: Ixcoin (IXC) is ranked 396 and has a market capital of one million US dollars. In the last 24 hours, the trading volume reached at least $ 3,000, most of it on Cryptopia. In that sense, IxCoin is not dead – even though the last activities on Github from 2011 are. In September 2016, even a new announcement thread was opened and a new website was launched. Sometimes they come back. On Cryptoid you can even see that the blockchain is still growing. IxCoin is a variant of Bitcoin, which is very similar to the mother of all cryptocurrencies. The only big difference is the faster generation of coins. On IxCoin, all 21 million IxCoin have been gemined. IxCoin has been critically acclaimed by the community because Nasakioto, the developer behind it, is supposed to have gemined a lot of coins before. In response I0Coin was created, a coin with the same properties as IxCoin, but without premining. This Coin is still on Coimarketcap findable.I0Coin is said to have died because the currency was not supported by the community. On Coinmarketcap, however, I0Coin (I0C) is ranked # 669 and can boast a market capital of less than $ 300,000, or a trading volume of $ 24. Correspondingly, I0Coin is far from dead: A glance at the cryptoid shows that the blocks are still zealously gemined. Like IxCoin, IoCoin has hardly any distinguishing features compared to Bitcoin. The block time is much higher, so that no coin will be generated after 2018. It is emphasized that the inflation rate is significantly lower than Bitcoin. SolidCoin, GeistGeld and Tenebrix – really dead coins? I0Coin and IxCoin are both still alive. So we did not find a dead blockchain yet. But in the thread mentioned at the beginning of my journey, more coins were mentioned: SolidCoin, GeistGeld, Tenebrix and Fairbrix are cryptocurrencies that are no longer known today. What has become of them? All four currencies can not be found at Coinmarketcap, coingecko or Cryptoid. The blockchain explorers who listed SolidCoin are no longer available. SolidCoin has long since stopped being discussed on Bitcointalk, the site has gone to a page called Coinforce, a US veteran-run company. Except for a few traces on Bitcointalk, this cryptocurrency has actually been erased. We found an example of a really dead cryptocurrency – at least regarding the aspects that can be found out about simple web searches. Unfortunately I could not find a working client to confirm that SolidCoin is really dead. Who knows if some nodes are still hidden in front of the public … GeistGeld was still active at least until 2015, as the Bitcointalk thread reveals. The Github site, even if it is in hibernation, can still be visited. So if you want to help keep your spirits alive, you can summon dead people. GeistGeld – a fitting name in a cynical way.Tenebrix and Fairbrix are quite similar – Fairbrix is ​​just a variant of Tenebrix. Both have in common that you will find next to nothing new about these currencies. One big difference, however, is that Fairbrix is ​​still alive: The client can be downloaded and at least one node I could still make short contact. Those who are said live longer. How could these coins die? An accusation that became audible at IxCoin, leading to the early death of coins, was that of premining: The developers have already generated a large proportion of the available coins before and so the wealth was primarily in their hands. Accordingly, the crowd tended to vigilance, killing the blockchains. The blood of these dead currencies sticks to their hands. The Great Elders – Are They Controlling the Blockchain World? In my quest for dead blockchains, I focused on old blockchains. While searching for old coins, I came across another terrible truth that I have to share – even if it can and will jeopardize my life. A big concern in the crypto community is that Bitcoin was developed by the NSA or the banks is taken over. Especially the latter concern may be unjustified, because with Ripple a system exists, which is called because of the sympathy of the banks gladly also as Bitcoin of the banks. What if the idea of ​​a decentralized bank of this bitcoin of the banks comes? Would we really just be the slaves of big business, caught in the clutches of the Rothschildts, the Soros … by Ryan Fugger? During my research I came across something that took my breath away and since then has determined my dreams. It does not sleep me at night: Ripple is much older than Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency was conceived in 2004 by Ryan Fugger and implemented in 2005 under the name Ripplepay. In the name of Fugger, I became aware that the Fugger family is a rich family, much older than the Rothschildts, who held the late Middle Ages firmly in their hands had. The influence of Jakob Fugger went far: he brought the Vatican to the idea of ​​indulgence letters. Thus, the Fugger family indirectly contributed to the division of the church and thus shaped the image of Europe up to the present day. Is not it obvious that this powerful family continued to operate and intrigue in the background? That Ryan Fugger, a new head of the family, wants to gain access to the money? In the Google Group, Fugger and his followers gather – and continue to tinker with the acquisition of the crypto currencies. In secret, I researched on this page. What appalled me and does not let me sleep until today: both Interledger and Lightning Network go back to their original vision. Bitcoin and banks – both in the hands of the Fuggers? Wake up, sheeple! Ripplepay was well used; with Villages.cc there is even a marketplace that supports Ripplepay. And so Ripplepay not only lives in XRP, but continues to be secretly active. Asleep, waiting for his moment, is the oldest of all cryptocurrencies, the great old man standing behind the ranks, the greatest threat to Bitcoin and the entire free world. When is a blockchain dead? The examples, as well as the original motivation, can be used to deduce the crucial question: When is a cryptocurrency dead? In my search for a definition, I rummaged through many message boards. Somewhere, on a server in an Indian reservation, I came across the following lines: Only when the last node is shut down, the last github-commit myth and the last miner's past, you will realize that you can not eat HODL. The sentence brought me for reflection, I also think that here are important truths: A decentralized Blockchain lives as long as the blockchain is continued. In my further research in the depths of the Internet, I came across the following sentence on a Darknet page called rlyeh.onion a cryptic way of expressing this thought: it is not dead when someone mined, at a node the light is still shining. The decentralized nature of blockchains makes dying a blockchain not easy. Undead blockchains, which are no longer used except by a few miners and nodes, certainly exist out there. And even those that are not being updated – as long as the blockchain is still stored somewhere, it just sleeps. This is the last horrible truth I found in my searches. On the mentioned Darknet-page there was one last sentence in the language of the ancients to the dead Blockchains: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Blokh-chyn Nodeth wgah'nagl fhtagnLange I searched for the translation. But in a dream, it was revealed to me what is being said here: In his house the Node waits dreaming the dead Blockchain. The Blockchain can not die. Even the featured "dead" blockchains will only be in wallowing sleep, patiently waiting for some poor soul to bring them back to life. The blockchain is eternal. She will outlast us. Who are we against such a power Disclaimer: This article, even if all links are authentic and you wanted to inform, it is a winking Halloween article. Ryan Fugger makes a very sympathetic impression and is certainly not a thread-pulling, evil man in the background, but an important person who has shaped the blockchain technology and continues to be very interested in it.BTC-ECHOAbout Philipp GieseDr. Philipp Giese works as an analyst for BTC-ECHO and specializes in chart analysis and technology. In addition, he is actively involved in the crypto community – both online as a central contact person in the slack channel of BTC-ECHO and offline as a speaker and interviewer, he always maintains an exchange with startups, developers and visionaries. The PhD physicist can draw on many years of professional experience as a project manager and technology consultant. For many years, Philipp has been thrilled not only by the technological dimension of cryptocurrencies, but also by the underlying socio-economic vision. All contributions by Philipp Giese


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