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  Speech by Prime Minister Puigdemont: Catalonia starts spissing of Spain first – Politics | Bit Updates
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Speech by Prime Minister Puigdemont: Catalonia starts spissing of Spain first – Politics

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The Catalan Prime Minister, Puigdemont, gave his eagerly awaited speech on the continuation of the process of independence. He wanted "to go the path of independence," said Puigdemont in front of parliamentarians in Barcelona. To this end, he asked the Parliament for a mandate to declare Catalonia an independent state. At the same time, he explains that this process is initially suspended in order to start a dialogue. Puigdemont proposes that Parliament suspend the effects of a declaration of independence in order to hold talks first. The Spanish government dismissed the statement by Catalan regional president Puigdemont. The "implicit" declaration of Catalonia's independence is "inadmissible," a government spokesman said on Tuesday evening in Madrid. In his almost half-hour speech, the head of government had previously said it was important to reduce the tensions in Catalonia. He also thanked all those who, despite obstacles and adverse circumstances, had given their votes at the referendum on 1 October. In detail, Puigdemont showed how much the support of the Catalan population is for the independence aspirations. He complained that there was no partner for a dialogue on more autonomy. Then Puigdemont turned to the citizens of Catalonia: "We are not criminals, we are not crazy, we are not putschists." Previously, the President's speech had shifted by an hour. According to the Catalan regional government, the possibility exists of an international mediation. A government spokesman said on Tuesday evening, Regional President Carles Puigdemont postponed his speech, which was put forward at 6 pm. The speech is eagerly awaited throughout the EU, as Puigdemont could unilaterally explain Catalonia's independence. In direct response, however, the Spanish government concluded a mediation again. Negotiations with the Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont were "unthinkable", said a government spokesman on Tuesday evening in Madrid. The central government in Madrid, Madrid, a few weeks earlier, had appealed to him to refrain from such a step. "I would like to ask Mr Puigdemont not to do anything irreversible, to take no path from which there is no turning back, not to proclaim a unilateral declaration of independence and to return to legality," said Government Minister Íñigo Méndez de Vigo in Madrid. "Europe has clearly stated that it will not accept a declaration of independence from Catalonia." On Thursday, the Catalan police closed the Ciutadella Park, in which the Regional Parliament was located. This is to prevent "pressure on the work of parliament" exercised, said a police officer. The most important independence organizations had called for a demonstration in front of Parliament "to support and defend the Declaration of Independence".

Finally, the pressure from home and abroad on the regional government had grown, to refrain from a declaration of independence. Thus the popular Mayoress of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, spoke out on Monday evening against a one-sided secession from Spain. At the weekend, 100,000 people had demonstrated their independence in Barcelona. The central government wants to prevent the demolition of the region in the north-east of the country. Madrid could deprive the regional government, withdraw its partial autonomy from Catalonia, or even proclaim the exceptional state. This is likely to fue the conflict, however.Schäuble: Resolution within the framework of the applicable lawThe Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos was certain on Tuesday of the backing of the EU. He believes that "Europe will support all the actions we will take under the Constitution and the legality of Spain," he said at the meeting of EU finance ministers in Luxembourg. Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) called on all those responsible to find a solution within the framework of the applicable law. "We wish Catalonia the best, but we believe that the solution is within the Spanish constitution." On 1 October 90 per cent of the participants declared their independence in Catalonia in a referendum that had been declared unlawful by the Spanish central government and the judiciary. The electoral participation was, however, only 43 percent, many opponents of an independence boycotted the vote. According to polls, a clear majority of the Catalans is a regular referendum. However, Spain's Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, firmly rejects this. (AFP)


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