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  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: How Trump systematically abolishes diplomacy – Politics | Bit Updates
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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: How Trump systematically abolishes diplomacy – Politics

Friday, December 1st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Donald Trump despises diplomacy. A victim of this contempt will shortly be his foreign minister. The New York Times reports plans to replace the ex-manager with CIA Director Mike Pompeo by the end of the year. The government denies – yet the dismissal is probably only a matter of time. Among observers and foreign policy makers, Rex Tillerson had shaken his head at the beginning. But the former manager of Exxon Mobil – unlike his boss – sat on the conversation. He tried to kitten in Mexico, which had crushed Trump in the election campaign. While Trump intensified the crisis in the Middle East by his unilateral partisanship for Saudi Arabia, Tillerson tried to mediate between Qatar and the Saudis. Tillerson dared to say publicly that the US has call channels with North Korea – for which Trump quashed him on Twitter: The Foreign Minister "wasting his time." Donald Trump could not stand the diplomatic counter-policy of Rex Tillerson In the long run, the egomaniac Trump not allow Rex Tillerson to make counter-policies. Within the government, the position of foreign minister is getting weaker and weaker – and that was devastating for his house. A year after the election of Donald Trump, the State Department is a cripple, according to many observers, demolished by job cuts, hiring stops and simple disregard. Recently, Barbara Stephenson, chairman of the diplomatic association, lamented this in drastic terms. Systematically, career diplomats are replaced by political candidates. In talks with US diplomats, the depression is clearly noticeable. Tillerson did not want or could not stop this development. Now he is being replaced by a secret service agent. The dissolution of diplomacy as a method of international politics will have consequences – far beyond the American diplomatic corps, at the hotspots of the world. "Reclaim your ambassador," Heather Nauert, a US State Department spokeswoman, demanded on Wednesday from the Germans. Meant was the German ambassador in Pyongyang. On Thursday, Sigmar Gabriel met with Rex Tillerson in Washington and then announced that they would not withdraw the ambassador, but another staff member of the embassy – resistance with small concessions. Trump's contempt for diplomacy works in the hotspots of the world, also in North Korea According to observers such as Hanns Günther Hilpert of the Science Policy Foundation, the gruff call for the cessation of diplomatic relations on the one hand reflects a long-smoldering conflict between the US and Europe over the European role in the region. The Europeans, including Germany, are interested in good trade relations and therefore claim an independent foreign policy. That annoys the US for a long time. The Trump government, however, feels particularly disturbed in its one-sided power and sanctions policy. More than ever before, diplomats in the region are extremely important, especially in North Korea. Even if they can do little concrete, but only the German knowledge of the country is of inestimable value, even for the German partners. It helps to classify the regime's gestures and respond appropriately. Trump says he does not need this knowledge any more than a diplomatic corps. He wants to rule the world with the thumbscrew. Once again, it was a lousy day for international politics.


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